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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Classification of Photocopiers

A Photocopier is a machine which makes copies of data pages and other visual images in a quick time. Most current photocopiers use dry process technology using heat known as xerography. Color Photocopiers are those photocopiers which photocopies texts and images into the same color as their original one. Photocopiers can be classified into low volume photocopiers, mid volume photocopiers and high volume photocopiers depending upon their capacity to photocopy pages per in a given interval of time.

Canon Copiers, Digital Copiers
 Photocopying is widely used in business, education, and government. There have been many predictions that photocopiers will eventually become outdated as information workers continue to increase their digital documentation and thus relying less on distributing actual pieces of paper.

 Many color photocopiers are popular today, like the Canon color copiers, along with various other makes in the market work very much like a computer scanner connected to a laser printer. The color copier first scans the original document and then the information is transferred to a charged image drum (main part of a photocopier). The color toner firstly gets stuck to the areas of the drum that are charged before it transfers it to paper.

Canon is one of the major electronic goods manufacturers all over the globe today.  This Japan base company has a large presence in a number of high technology sectors like cameras, photocopiers and computer printers.  Even though they are main manufacturers of photocopiers and other multifunctional devices, the firm started to manufacture high quality image capturing cameras also.

In fact Canon copiers are a major source of revenue for their company with a bulk of the income being generated only from this only. Canon copiers offer a complete line of range of devices with products which are optimized for different requirements from small and medium enterprises to large corporations even the average home user can find a simple canon copier which suits his needs.

Copiers for some time have been an important element of communication and are mostly present at every desk in offices. But, as with any product, various environmental impacts can occur throughout any product's life cycle. By considering a variety of life cycle features, from the materials used to manufacture copiers to energy use to recycling and disposal issues, purchasers now make informed decisions about copier purchases and use.

A personal copier puts professional copying convenience at your fingertips. Portable, stylish and affordable, they provide high quality output when you need it, wherever you need it. They’re also extremely easy to use and the All-in-One cartridge makes them maintenance free.

Your copier is part of a mix of office productivity machines, including other copiers, workgroup printers, and printer multifunctional. If for example, you have several copiers at your site, you probably don’t need all of them to have the maximum speed. Bigger production jobs, for example, can be run on one centralized copier. The vast majority of copy jobs involve only a few pages copied a few times.

A personal copier puts professional copying convenience at your fingertips. The scanner part of the Digital photocopier is very reliable and the only weakness comes from the printing and feeding of originals. With the new technology of the canon photocopiers the consumer buying behavior is also changing accordingly. Now consumers demand used photocopiers parts as the prices are rising high day by day. When they first appeared a few years ago, digital copiers were 20 to 50 percent more expensive than the older ones. Now they are affordable just as others and are better.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Photocopier Happen to the Norm in Most Businesses

The Photocopier, Color copier or Color photocopier, or copying machine, as it is identified, has become a necessity of contemporary times. You can find billions of copies produced by the machine not only in the office but also on machines accessible to the public in libraries, copy shops, stationery stores, superstores, and an extensive assortment of other commercial facilities. Over the years many new options like Copier Wholesale Used and Used Copier Part andvarious processes have been engaged. Undoubtedly the most frequent type of photocopier today is the Digital Color Copier. Most people are familiar with this type. Thus copying became a part of everyday life due to this electrostatic process.

It was around 1960 which marked the initiation of modern photocopying era. It was the time of the introduction of the Xerox 914, the first push-button, plain-paper copier. The sales were doubled within a year, and the 914 was called ‘‘the most booming product ever marketed in America by Fortune magazine. The later eighteenth century marked the impending of copying machine patented by James Watt in 1780. This device was more precisely recognized as a copying press, which required a method for exerting pressure on a dampened sheet of tissue placed over the document to be copied. The image on the original was transferred to the tissue copy as it was written with ink based on gum arabic or sugar, even though in reverse, when the two sheets were interfaced under pressure.

The main reason for using the tissue was so that the copy may perhaps be viewed appropriately looking through it from the back. A copying press, one of these types was brought back to the U.S. from Europe by Benjamin Franklin. A couple of copying presses was known to be boasted by George Washington. The polygraph, one of the finest inventions of the present age was a mechanical apparatus that worked on wires and mutable wooden arms holding a pen or pens to replicate, on a separate page or pages.

Copier Repair Services, Photocopiers

Up to this time we were just limited to the black copy of a typical office photocopier and we were okay with that if black was all we looked-for. With the passage of time and for loads of reasons, the lure of color photocopying was mounting. In the earlier days some administrations issues cropped up when it came to color photocopying, it was mainly because of the built-in risk of somebody attempting to utilize the technology to forge money. This issue however forced some Governments to start work on anti-counterfeiting technology that would consent to for the persistence of developing the machines, keeping in mind the fact that general counterfeiting would not be simple.

Thus due to saving time and valuable resources for both small and large business can help achieve much more. Today we are able to print pictures directly from negatives that have been scanned into the attached printer, or in some cases camera or video camera can be directly connected into the copier so as to improve, sort out and print your finishing images right away. Photocopiers are no more confined to businesses; in fact loads of homes nowadays boast some form of color photocopier installed, either for personal use, or learning purposes.

These days we have moved much ahead those early machines, and Color Photocopier is no longer simply Photocopier. The newest development of Digital Color Copier machines, producing lots more than just photocopying has been very significant in this field. The advent of Color Copier these days has made it probable to take a series of slack colored images and text and within no time, put up a totally collated book complete with a cover and all other requirements.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Although there is a slight decrement in the prices of Digital Copiers and Multifunctional copiers over the recent years there is still some variation among the prices from supplier to supplier even though the models are same. But before buying any copier you must know about your basic need, if you need a copier which can generate higher volumes of copies in a given time i.e. High Volume copiers or the one which generates color copies also i.e. Color copiersyou will have to pay considerably high amount.

Color Copiers, Copier Repair Services
There may be few features which you want that your personal copier possesses like Duplexing which is the ability of the copier to print on the both sides, color copying, generating high volumes in small time. All these features require a little more investment but it’s worth paying for these add on features which will help you in many ways.

Although color copiers is slower and more expensive, but it might be a perfect add on feature which can help you in production of promotional materials such as company brochures or any other important documents. Second thing you need to keep in your mind is the versatility of the copier which includes handling of paper with different sizes and weights by the copier.

The second you need to keep in mind is the paper capacity of the copier to hold sheets in its sheet holder look for a copier with capacity of at least 250 sheets or more. A copier with an automatic document feeder with a holding capacity of 30 sheets or more is a nice option too which can’t be ignored. Copiers with less warm up time are suitable for homes or small businesses where most of the time they sit idle doing no job.

If your copier is engaged with cartridge system then the average number of copies per cartridge yield will tell you when the unit needs to be replaced. Since there is involvement of large investment requirement for purchasing a new photocopier lease arrangement is a must need for businesses which includes lease rental, lease purchase or rental. Other costs may include the maintenance cost. Modern copiers involve digital technology rather than analog which is more complex and its break down affect the working of any office to large extent.

Why not consider a used copier which usually goes about 1/5th of the price of a new photocopier and ability to do almost everything that a new one can do. The one with a good copy count is a better choice. A high volume photocopier is gives a good copy count with 15- 20 million copies since it is built for higher volume. While on the other hand normal copiers mostly put out 1-5 million copies on an average.

If the one you are using is quite a few years old then you might switch to the new ones which are having latest technology, features and modes like energy saving mode. It significantly cut energy costs for you office. Most of the time we see when the copiers are not in use and are not producing copies even then they consume a considerable amount of energy , thus to save energy these low consumption models are developed.

The present scenario shows that use of digital Photocopiers is more as compared to analog copiers due to many business factors which include cost, efficiency, quality and features. While analog copiers are cheaper as compared to digital copiers, the higher prices of digital photocopiers are counter balanced by their lower operating costs as the ink cartridges used in digital copiers are
cheaper and also longer when compared with analog copiers.


Although the basic function of a copier is same whether it is digital copier or analog copier prices vary according to the add on features and benefits which we get while using digital copiers instead of analog copiers including higher quality copies. If you are interested in buying a copier which produces colored copies i.e. color copier or the one which whose copy count is considerably more than the normal copiers i.e. high volume copiers then you need to invest 20-30% more as comparison to normal copiers.

Color Copiers, Copier Prices
 These are the main factors due to which digital copiers are more expensive than the analog copiers. So the buyers before buying any copier must keep this reason in mind. The older analog copier takes considerable time to warm up. This thing should also be kept in mind while purchasing any copier. The reason for considering this fact is that if such type of copier is installed in any office and there it takes this much time to warm up then it creates a mess in the office.

On the other side there are many advantages of a digital copier. One of the most important features is that all the digital copiers are multifunctional. Hard copies of the original can be produced, electronic copies can be transferred to fax machines or even as text to an email address. Thus there is elimination of several steps at office level thus increasing the efficiency of the work at the office.

Because of these advantages of the digital copiers, many manufacturers have stopped producing analog copiers and are relying on new technology based copiers only. Thus replacement of any part of the analog copier is harder to find. This should also be considered while buying a new machine as you might find yourself in a difficult situation in this case.

The second you need to keep in mind is the paper holding capacity of the copier to hold sheets in its sheet holder, look for a copier with capacity of at least 250 sheets or more. A copier with an automatic document feeder with a holding capacity of 30 sheets or more is a nice option too.Copiers with less warm up time are suitable for homes or small businesses where most of the time they sit idle doing no job.

If your copier is involved with the cartridge system then the average number of copies that a particular cartridge will yield before it is changed will tell you when the unit needs to be replaced. Also a digital copier is more efficient than the analog copier, while analog copier first scans and then produces copies digital copier scans and stores it in its inbuilt memory and then prints as many copies as you want.

Regardless of whether you choose a digital or an analog copier a buyer should always do some background research on the specific product you are into. The best thing is to get second opinion. While taking second opinions you get to know various flaws and disadvantages of different used models, so you try to avoid the purchases of such models.

Scanning feature of digital copiers increases the quality of the final image. As the files are stored in digital format in digital copiers it becomes easy for the users to send emails and faxes using these copiers. While these operations can’t be done on the analog copiers they are just meant for producing black and white photocopies unlike the color copiers. Some digital photocopiers are sold at retail prices which are determined by the manufacturers. Also you can get a considerable discount the list prices of such digital copiers.