Friday, November 29, 2013

Digital copier: the benefits and the need of this machine

Digital Copier is a new creativity or innovation of technology which is used to copy documents by the help of negatively charge drum and paper. This copier provides the provision of saving the documents into the memory and then printing them out later.

Photo copier is a machine which is generally used in all the offices and organizations in order to copy the documents quickly and efficiently at a cheaper rate yet maintaining the quality of printing. Initially the copiers were using the Analog technology but with time and development digital copiers have developed which has made the work easier and have helped the user by providing the provision of multifunctional quick printing device with high resolution copying power at a reasonable price. Mainly in offices and organizations documents play a great deal and the officers need to duplicate or triplicate the copies again and again and they seek for fast printing yet maintaining the quality with the margins and fonts well maintained. Now the entire work has become simple by the digital copier which has the ability of remembering copies in the memory while one job is in processing or is being copied. This has reduced the stress level and the fast printing has increased the craze for this device.

Digital Copier -

Digital Copier

Working principle: The old version of the copiers used to be very time taking with low quality print outs as the principle working of that device was very different. It used a positively charged drum and paper and a negatively charged toner and when both came in contact, it would copy the document but this created a low quality print out with thousand of problems. To remove all the difficulties and to make the working easier, digital copier is developed whose working principle is entirely different. 

The Digital Copier in Gurgaon employs a negatively charged drum and paper with a positively charged toner and has the ability to store the documents into the memory while one document is in process. When the drum and paper comes in contact with the toner, the information or the graphics of the paper is imprinted on the drum by the laser and the document gets printed while the image of the document is being saved in the copier’s memory.

Availability: These get these digital copiers in Gurgaon at a very economic price and at the same time have wide varieties of choice regarding the model, features, colours, styles and price.


Multifunctional: This copier provides with multi functional operations at a time and reduces the time and saves money. The text can be easily transmitted to any electronic devices like fax, email with a superior quality printing.

·    High quality printing: It has a very high resolution copier and can scan and save the document in the memory and can even transmit it to the other electronic devices maintaining the same quality of information of the copy with every minute detail.

·     Economic rate: This copier reduces the rate of operating greatly with reduced number breakdowns during the process. It even gives more copies per cartridge as compared to the others which reduces the day to day cost of the printing and copying cost.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Indian Photocopier-Sales,Supply and Rental

Well, we know that Photocopier or photo copy machine, which is used basically to make a copy of the document. These machines use a technology named xerography. This xerography word is made up of two Greek words named Xerox and graphy which means “dry writing”.  A Greek photographic company evolved this name, and later the company also changed its name from Haloid photographic to Haloid Xerox in 1958, and after that the word Xerox has become a synonym for photo copy machine. Also after three years the company again changed its name from Haloid Xerox to Xerox Experimenting, and become so successful and popular in market so that Xerox become a noun for these photocopiers.  

Photocopier Machine
Copier Sales and Supply

These photocopy machines were divided broadly in two categories Analog and Digital and According to the usage they may be color photocopier, black and white photocopier, laser photocopier, canon photocopier, multitasking machines, and many more. It depends on the requirement which type of machine is to be chosen.

 In India there are many photocopier suppliers in the market like P.S. Traders, S & S solutions, Camerox, techno planners Ltd and many more. 

By Google any one can access the contact information of Indian suppliers, In India every latest machine is available for sale. All brands are available here in Indian market. Exporters and wholesalers suppliers are there, which may provide wide range of office automation products.

 In India almost every state and city has Photocopier Suppliers. Whether in Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmadabad, Chennai like metros or any small city, the photocopier has been reached everywhere. The machines can be ordered from any place either via phone or via internet, the machine may reach at any location. Also not only photocopier but also printers, scanners, bill printers and all such types of equipment's can be provided to the customers and at best price.

 Canon Copier

Also these machines can be avail on rent. If the requirement is not for long period, or any one want to avail the machine on rent then he or she can opt for rental service providers. Either for long term or short term the suppliers provide the machine on rent. Also each and every brand and type are available for rent. The rental providers are also available all over the world. Well if we talk about main providers then some of the rental service providers and their contact details are listed below:

Contact Number
Be Office Automation Products Pvt Ltd.
3A/13, Palam Udyog Maruti Industrial Complex, Sector - 18, Gurgaon (NCR)                        
 012440164861, 9810043893
Be Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd
1 Mini Market, Near Gurudwara Moti Bagh, New Delhi 
011-24677478, 9910399660

Similarly, many providers can be found in all location of India. Each provider has personal website, through which they can be contacted, also some websites have enquiry forms, for customers. Through which any query will be resolved by the provider.

So in short we can say that all information is available on internet for various types of photocopier, and according to the requirement any machine can be opted, and also the supplier or sales person may contact the customer.