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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Canon iR3025 : Best or Worst is the giant in the market of the digital photocopiers and Canon Inc is one of the major electronic goods manufacturers in the world today. Canon Copier offers a complete range of the devices of its new series. For discussing about the features of the canon , we took one of its models like Canon iR3025 features :

Features of Canon iR3025 :

Canon is a  Multi-talented Device – and its image RUNNER 3025 creates a border-less environment of people, devices, images and information that lets you live and work the way you want anytime and anywhere.

1)  Canon is a MEAP™ (Multi-functional Embedded Application Platform) Enabled.

2)  It is a  High RAM capacity of 512MB as standard.

3)  Canon iR 3025 color copier has Superior Image Quality.

4)  Canon is an Energy saving device .

Monday, October 09, 2006

Color Copier

color copier,digital color copier

Color copiers are digital, and function like a computer scanner attached to a laser printer. After scanning the original, the copier subsequently transfers the information to a charged image drum via laser. Prior to being transferred to paper, the color toner adheres to the charged areas of the drum. As is the case with a laser printer, the final step is to heat the toner on the page to fuse a permanent image.

Standard features on digital color canon copiers in general are border erasing, image centering, color adjustment, and color balancing. There are a few models that can offer you a whole menu of additional editing functions, like colorizing. Colorizing enables you to create color documents from black and white originals.