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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Photo copiers –the need of hour

Business is now the gist of commercial world. All the theoretical works of business needs to be printed again and again that is not cost effective. The first fully automated plain-paper photocopier was introduced by Xerox in 1959. The Canon was the first company to introduce canon color copiers which were the first electrostatic color copiers. Since then color copiers have undergone different phases of technical evolution. Color copier is basically a computer scanner that has been connected to a laser printer.
The process includes scanning of the original document and transferring the information to a charged drum. It is then charged before transferring to paper. Like a laser printer the final step is heating the toner on the page and fusing a permanent image. This process holds true for all kinds of color copiers like Canon color copiers and Xerox color copiers.

Copier Prices, Color Copiers

It is advised to buy high end models if expense is not a matter to them. the reason being high –end color copiers use all four colors in a single application, on the other hand low end color copiers take four passes of the same image. All know that cheap is more expensive, is very true as the photocopiers which are not so sophisticated are cheaper but their less cost is depicted by their slow speed. You can find so many advantages of advanced printers over old copiers like color photocopies that is much better than black and white copies

Most of the popular color copiers like Canon color copiers and Xerox color copiers require a huge amount of investment, and this is not bearable for small scale businesses. They just use as it makes sound business sense. The used color copier market is growing day by day and potential customers are spoilt for choice. You even get color laser copiers at affordable prices. Second hand color copiers are reasonable in their rates and allow businesses to save some money yet get all the benefits of sophisticated color copiers. There is no need of spending huge amount on new copiers of casual brands rather we should prefer canon for the photocopiers either new or even second hand. There is a vast choice out there and you can select the best that will satisfy your requirements.

Person whose need lies between 300-1000 copies/month, the best bet is a low volume copier. Copying at a speed of 10 to 14 copies per minute; these machines are the best bet for small businesses, individuals, or for home use. Low volume copiers need very little service and maintenance.  Low volume copiers can now match the functionality of their high-volume counterparts. Such copiers are easily available with retailers and dealers. These low volume photo copiers have enhanced their efficiency through new features like reduce/enlarge, automatically feed and, in many makes, even sort emerging copies. One should always go for low volume digital copiers if your volume is not too big and you are not concerned about a copying speed that is slower than the high-volume copiers.

Canon Inc is one of the major electronic goods manufacturers in the world today.  This Japanese company has a large presence in a number of high technology sectors like cameras, imaging and other optical products, photocopiers and computer printers.  Even though Canon photocopiers and multifunctional devices are one of the companies’ better known products the firm started in order to manufacture precision high quality cameras .In fact Canon copiers are a major source of revenue for the company with a bulk of the income being generated from the office automation division compared to the much vaunted optical division. Photocopiers have now become an integral part of the business no matter the business is small scale or large scale, photocopiers is must. So we should prefer the most reasonable and convenient photocopiers—canon. As we know that as easy the work would be as effective would be our performance.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Turkey’s Inability to Produce High-tech Products Leads to Economic Loss

As reported by Hurriyet, due to high-technology products, Turkey is undergoing huge economic loss as the country has to import the technological products every year amounting to billions of dollars from foreign countries. The country pays an approximate of $7.8 billion annually to import high-tech products which are not manufactured in Turkey, the report from ISMMMO (Istanbul Chamber of Certified Public Accountants) specifies that such products are 18 in number. Over five years, the total amount paid to foreign countries amounts to almost $30 billion as per the report. The report also specified that the high-tech products which are imported from foreign countries includes medical imaging devices, optical instruments, printer and copier machines and consumer electronics like digital cameras and mobile phones. These products are imported from Eastern Asian countries. Laptops occupies the third place in the import list with the total amount of import being $4.4 million, components of informatics product lies at fourth place with total import cost of $2.6 million. Scanners, printers and copiers total to $1.4 million in import list. Watches sector also has a dominant share in import market with the cost being 1 million of the total amount. Arikan stated, commenting on the debate regarding domestic automobile production “Before discussing the automobile production at domestic level, we should have discussion regarding our economy wherein we are unable to produce motorboats, cameras, camera lenses, watches and blood pressure gauges”. Arikan maintained that Turkey is also able to produce technology, only the planning, investment, cooperation and specialization is required. By harnessing the technological revolution only, our country can be prosperous and socially stable”.