Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Color copy machine specifics

Color copy machine editing features

Standard features on digital color copiers include border erasing, image centering, color adjustment, and color balancing. Some models offer a whole menu of additional editing functions, such as colorizing, which lets you create color documents from black and white originals.

Although these advanced editing techniques can be impressive, they tend to be difficult and time-consuming to master. And, if your copier is set up as a network printer, you can do much more complex image manipulations using standard image editing software at your computer, then simply print the results. Basic editing functions are enough for most users.

If you do choose to invest in an editor, or a model that includes one, and set out to compare features across models, you may find the process frustrating. Most of these editing features are named differently from model to model, even though their functions may be the same. Ask a sales representative to demonstrate exactly how to use the editing features you want.

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